How would the End Times play out on another planet?
Does God visit His other worlds, the same way He soon will visit Earth?

It is the year 5995.

Benjamin ben Jacob is a young Believer living at Fort Kanosh, in the District of Deshret, on the planet Edom.

At the age of twelve, Ben receives his own personal "Name-stone". Then he meets a very strange Outsider girl, and together they face the evil Akamerian Empire, which is seeking to destroy all Believers.

Ben's Name-stone

Listen to the Song of the Rakash-Lizard

The Believers living in Deshret are preparing for the End Times, as prophesied by the Seer Asaph.
They must hold off the Akamerian armies and prepare the way for God's imminent Coming.
Ben and Bess will play an integral part in the defense of Deshret against the non-believers.


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The Clan of the Stone

"The name on the stone is a sign to God that you are hatam, that is, 'sealed' or linked to your clan eternally. You see, the very first of all name-stones was given by God to Ahten in Ganedom, and it held Ahten's shem-hashevet, or clan-name - in this case, the sacred, hidden name of God. Since that time, each Kohan has received his own sacred shem-hashevet in the same fashion that Ahten did."

- Grand Hegemon Elazar